Ostomy Flanges

The ostomy barrier is often called a flange, wafer, device, or appliance. An ostomy barrier sticks to the skin around your stoma by using adhesive. The skin around your stoma is called your “peristomal skin” and surrounds your stoma. The ostomy barrier goes around your stoma and protects your skin from stomal output. The ostomy barrier also allows your ostomy pouch to connect to your body.

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If you use a two-piece ostomy system the wafer and pouch are two separate pieces that each have their own unique item numbers. Not all ostomy flanges fit all pouches. If you use a one-piece ostomy system the wafer and pouch are always connected and can not be separated. Technically, the ostomy flange is the actual plastic device that connects to the ostomy pouch, the flange is the coupling device. They are generally in a square shape and come in pre-cut, cut-to-fit, and moldable varieties.

What are Cut-to-fit Barriers (Wafers)?

Cut-to-fit flanges are designed with varying sizes printed directly on them so you can cut your own opening to fit your individual stoma size and shape. These printed lines act as a reference. You are not limited to a pre-cut circle, you can make an oval, circle, any kind of shape you need to fit your specific stoma. For those that are in between sizes or have an unusual stoma shape, this is a perfect option. The best way to treat the cut to match type of ostomy wafers is cut the wafers for the day or week ahead of time. Don’t wait till you need them, cut several at the same time so you won’t have to fumble with cutting while away from home. Be aware that many airports won’t allow you to carry-on even small scissors, so make sure you check them and have your wafers cut before you board the plane. Coloplast Sensura Mio is one example of cut-to-fit barriers but each ostomy supply company has their own version.

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